House Painting

A fresh coat of paint is the most cost-efficient method to update your home. No other project provides a significant impact at such a low price and with such a swift turnaround. For strikingly smooth, flawless interior and exterior house painting at prices clients rave about, contact the house painting experts at Spartan Masonry & Contracting Ltd..

We can be reached at (403) 875-8315 whenever you're ready to breathe fresh air into your rooms.

Highly Skilled Painting Company

Our team of seasoned professionals who've devoted themselves to being the best in house painting is what makes Spartan Masonry & Contracting Ltd. special. Every project we take on is approached with expertise and detailed attention to safety, speed, and superb results. Our trained, certified painting contractors use the highest quality products to lessen emissions while extending the paint's lifespan as much as possible. For incredible painting inside and out, book an appointment today!

Complete Painting Services

We're fully equipped for all residential painting projects, with cutting-edge machinery for a beautifully even finish every time. Whatever a homeowner's needs, we can achieve them. Our painting services include:

  • Color consultations
  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Texturizing wall paint
  • Wood staining
  • Waterproofing
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Power washing
  • Plastering
  • Drywall installation

Interior Painting Services

Included in our services is an on-site assessment that helps us understand the client's desired outcome, the size of the project, and all the information we need to create the initial quote. We provide this no-obligation assessment and estimate to remind potential clients that our painting company exists to stretch their dollars and maximize their results. Our honest and open communication begins with our first meeting and continues throughout the project to ensure you always have an avenue to express any concerns or requests regarding your paint job.

A Superior House Painting Experience

When a client signs their contract with us, we immediately set to work collecting everything we need for the job. We acquire necessary permits, have the paint ordered, prepared, and delivered, and ensure all our brushes, ladders, and supplies are in order. Before we begin, we clear out the rooms and cover furniture with protective plastic. Throughout the work, we monitor our progress and the air quality, ensuring a job well done and the safety of the residents.

Exterior Home Painting

Imagine boosting curb appeal without paying for labor-intensive renovations or any new products and materials other than paint. Spartan Masonry & Contracting Ltd. loves bringing out the best in your beloved home's facade, using complementary colors, beautiful neutrals, or even a brightly colored door. Exterior painting services include:

  • Trim refreshing
  • Partial exterior painting
  • Whole-house exterior painting
  • Fence, deck, and porch painting or staining
  • Garage and shed painting
  • Siding or brick painting

Professional Painting Contractor Differences

Our veteran painters have years of experience, and our professionalism is evident in every project. We arrive on time and stay until a job is complete, always using top-quality, non-hazardous materials and technologically advanced machinery. We follow every step to ensure perfect workmanship, from protecting everything in the vicinity and washing the walls before we begin to remove any trace of us having been there when we're finished.

Contact Spartan Masonry & Contracting Ltd. Now for Excellent House Painting Results

Get that new house feel without having to pack or unpack a single box. Your house will feel like a whole new home once Spartan Masonry & Contracting Ltd. is done with your interior and exterior painting. Call now to make an appointment at (403) 875-8315.