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With over eight years in business and more than seventeen years in the industry, Spartan Masonry is a family-owned and operated masonry services provider passionate about constructing and maintaining the stonework you love in your home or business.

From exceptional veneer installation to the creation of breathtaking fireplaces, retaining walls, patios, stone stairs, and much more, we can bring your goals to life in flawless detail. Should you be searching for a mason who can revive aging stonework with repair work that breathes new life into the installation, you're in the right place.

A partnership with us brings you many benefits, including the ability to customize your stonework to your heart's content and our ability to work within your budget. Reach our team to reserve an appointment to consult with us at no risk. Call (403) 875-8315 today to get started.

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Brick Services

Whether your goal is to build or maintain an existing fireplace, chimney, retaining wall, or interior or exterior wall, our brick services are just the thing you need to ensure your project is successful from beginning to end.

Our masons are experts in the following areas and more:

  • Bricklaying
  • Brick cleaning and repointing
  • Rebuilding brickwork
  • Brickwork conservation

Connect with us to learn more about the advanced bricklaying, brick repair techniques, and high-quality materials that set our work apart from the rest.

Veneer Stone Services

Our veneer stone services allow you to enhance the value of your property with exceptional stone cladding that is perfectly installed to withstand the test of time. You can't go wrong with this highly sought-after material. From interior walls and fireplaces to exterior home and commercial design features, it creates a striking appearance that is hard to miss.

Count on us for tried-and-true installation, repair, and replacement services.

Full Bed Stone Services

Are you looking for a heavier stone look that can only be achieved by master masons who understand how to reinforce a structure to carry the weight of large, elegant stones? Our full bed stone services provide everything you need with attention to detail you won't find anywhere else. Phone our team today to discuss your goals.

Block Services

We're meticulous about quality control when you entrust us with your block services. Ensure your block work meets the highest safety, design, function, and beauty standards. Connect with us today to learn more about what makes our certified technicians stand out from the rest.

BBQ Services

We bring a level of customization to our BBQ services that will be tough to beat. Build the barbeque (BBQ) island or outdoor kitchen of your dreams with access to the best variety of stone types and installation methods.

Our design team and installers work closely with you to ensure that our work matches your vision perfectly. Connect with us to learn more about what it will take to bring the extraordinary stonework you love to life at your home or business property. Call today to reserve an appointment to consult with a master mason.

Customizable Masonry Services

Count on Spartan Masonry for customizable masonry services that help you transform your property into the personalized paradise you deserve. We're always looking forward to helping you overcome challenges with innovative solutions and budget-conscious options that don't cut corners.

Get the ball rolling today. Call our representatives at (403) 875-8315 to schedule a consultation.