Siding in Calgary

The siding services provided by Spartan Masonry & Contracting Ltd. & Contracting Ltd.’s experienced crew of talented technicians are the best in the area. As Calgary’s top siding installation contractor, we provide aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting siding options for home and business owners looking to upgrade their exteriors for an affordable price.

For the most reliable workmanship and efficient project completion, call us now at (403) 875-8315. 

Spartan Masonry & Contracting Ltd. & Contracting Ltd.: Business and House Siding Specialists

Local property owners who want the highest quality work done by a siding company they can trust turn to Spartan Masonry & Contracting Ltd. & Contracting Ltd.. Our list of commercial and residential clients boasts the most beautiful siding projects in the area. We specialize in flawless siding installation for new construction and siding repair and replacement on existing buildings.

Residents in Calgary turn to us for our expertise in installing any of the following siding options:

  • Wood
  • Engineered wood
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Fiber cement
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • …and more!

For every exterior in every design style, we’re the team to bring your vision to life.

What Sets Our Siding Company Apart

Most siding contractors offer standard siding installation, repair, and maintenance. But no one takes the time that we do to consult with customers about their vision for their building’s exterior. We strive to find you ideal solutions that combine our top craftsmanship and quality siding materials at unbeatable prices. We go above and beyond in our customer service, so each client is confident their choices lead to the best performing and looking siding available.

When Should You Get New Siding

It can be difficult to tell when the time has come for new siding installation or repairs. Look out for the following signs that will tell you it’s time to call us for a repair or replacement:

  • Significantly faded siding
  • Obvious breaks or cracks in your siding
  • Mildew smell in the basement or attic
  • Wallpaper or paint is peeling
  • Watermarks on the ceiling

The threat of water infiltration is more serious if your siding is quite old or if the initial installation was a do-it-yourself job by a novice, which is why we urge our clients to consider our maintenance packages. These packages include regular visits to inspect your siding, so you never have to wonder if water is seeping into your precious home.

Siding Installation and Repair

Our assessment team looks at your existing cladding and determines how to proceed. Sometimes older siding can be revived with a few high-quality repairs done by our skilled specialists. Sometimes a partial siding replacement will save the expense of a full replacement. Trust our assessors to be truthful regarding what is in your best interest. We haven’t lasted in Calgary because we push unnecessary materials and labor—we’ve become a local institution because we’re honest and transparent with our clients. So, when we say a complete teardown and new siding installation is needed, rest assured: it is.

Top Local Siding Installation Contractor

Spartan Masonry & Contracting Ltd. & Contracting Ltd.’s siding contractors are an educated team of industry professionals. Our experience with every type of siding in every style means we can deliver sturdy and efficient siding installations without ever cutting a corner or skimping on detail. Our consultation team will happily offer you choices for new siding layouts or materials if you’re looking for a change. Or, if the classic look of your exterior needs a fresh face, we’ll replicate it with securely attached matching materials.

Book Your Superior Siding Installation in Calgary

Keep your property dry and safe while bumping up your curb appeal and property value with Spartan Masonry & Contracting Ltd. & Contracting Ltd., the team that never disappoints. Click or call (403) 875-8315 for more information or to book your estimate now.