Concrete Countertops in Calgary

It’s no secret that concrete has become an increasingly popular material that’s being integrated into the designs of many different Calgary homes and businesses. Leading concrete’s charge are Spartan Masonry’s custom countertops. Spartan Masonry’s custom concrete countertops have been popping up in homes and businesses all over Calgary because we can create them in any shape, color and they are totally resistant to scratches and heat.

With any other solid surface you might use to create custom countertops, you are stuck with whatever slab you or the contractor gets. There is no way to add any decorative elements. With concrete, you can personalize it and put anything you want into it. You can really compliment your home’s color scheme or your business’s branding when you choose Spartan Masonry to create custom concrete countertops.

If you are sick and tired of your current countertops, give Spartan Masonry a call today to find out how we can get started on building you concrete countertops you can truly love. Call us today to receive a free, no obligation estimate!

How are Concrete Countertops Made?

There are two ways of making concrete countertops: offsite and onsite. Lucky for you, Spartan Masonry is staffed by experts masons who know their way around all things stone and concrete. Thanks to our abundance of professional experience, we can easily do either offsite or onsite construction depending on what works best for your Calgary home or business.

Please feel free to review the difference between these two forms of construction below.

Off-site Concrete Countertops

Off-site concrete countertops are countertops that are made using a pre-cast frame that are then installed as a completed piece. Pre-cast concrete is known in the structural engineering community as the superior option because the curing phase can be closely monitored. However, this is not always the case and the logistics of transporting pre-made concrete countertops can be complicated for certain clients.

On-site Concrete Countertops

On-site concrete countertops are hand-poured into place and finished with a hand trowel. When you choose to have your concrete countertops built on site, we will have to build a base on top of the cabinets in which to pour the concrete. While concrete may seem like it weighs a lot, it typically doesn’t weigh more than granite or quartz.

Maintaining Concrete Countertops

The reason concrete countertops made by Spartan Masonry continue to appear in homes and businesses all over the Calgary area is because we have the experience and training necessary to build something that’s going to last. Of course, accidents do happen and you might damage your concrete countertops over time. If you should be unlucky enough to do some damage to your countertops, do not hesitate to give us a call. We take a great deal of pride in our work, which is why we want to make sure it stands the test of time by providing it with the necessary maintenance when it needs it.

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